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stuff to talk aboutrosemary80    Chattanooga, Tennessee
Work hard. Play harder.
can t livenaomi4    Slough, England
For the last 6 years I've lived abroad, and have recently settled back in the UK. I like to stay healthy and visit the gym 2/3 times a week but also love to go out and socialise with friends.
how do you trust someone againnikoloza79    Glendalough, Western Australia
I am looking for someone to grow old together. He must be honest, caring like kid(s) and family oriented. I have one daughter who is 11 year old. If you have kid(s), that will be great
finding real loveSoftCouple    San diego, California
I'm just looking to have a little fun. Go for coffee's, hang out. Just good company. I have many interests, always up for anything.

How Do You Know True Love. first boyfriend tips

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